Investment Advisory

Trustees and other fiduciaries feel the need for a full service investment advisor that can combine long term strategic needs of their funds with tactical requirements that arise out of volatile markets.

Our advices to clients help them convert their investment plans into tangible outcomes through concrete advices. These advices span various instruments across the various asset classes such as equities, debt and managed funds.

We use analytics that are proprietary to generate these advices. Proprietary software is a key cornerstone of our work.

The team’s knowledge and focus provide a disciplined approach to investments. We combine insights gained over the years with various models that are developed for each segment of our clientele and economies of scale of advising large funds to deliver advices that fit the profile of our fund clients.


Portfolio Review

Detailed one-time review of investment portfolio covering investment compliance, analysis of yield, exposure & maturity, benchmarking, exit recommendation and observations & suggestions to improve performance

Drafting of Investment Policy document

Defining roles & responsibilities of stakeholders, investment objectives and guidelines for investments & risk management

Evaluation of Investment options

Collating quotes of suitable investment options from institutional counterparties and compiling the same as per investment regulation

Investment recommendation

Sharing trust specific investment recommendation with pros & cons as per general market conditions and overall requirements of the trust

Investment execution

Will negotiate the deal on the trusts’ behalf, obtain trustee approval for closure and will then send the required deal documents to the trust for formalization

Investment reporting

Monthly MIS reports tracking of interest, redemptions, maturity and rating

Investment compliance

Tracking & Reporting investment compliance

Investment review

Participating in trustee meetings (annually or on a specific frequency) to present investment performance, to update trustees on market developments and take feedback on services and investment strategy

Query handling

Responding to investment related queries raised by EPFO, Income Tax department and Trust Auditors

Miscellaneous one-time reports for the Funds

Can include MTM valuations, Earnings Forecast to analyse impact on Trust Reserves and Assessment of liquidity and its impact on Trust portfolio etc.

Bulk sale of assets from the portfolio

Supporting in obtaining approvals from regulators (if applicable) and undertaking bulk sale of assets from the Trust portfolio

Case Study


A Leading Bank


Investment Advisory


On Availability of surplus Funds

Scope of work
  • One-time Corpus Fund review
  • Setup of investment policy guidlines
  • Investment strategy & execution
  • Investment back office
  • Advisory linked to brokerage – conflict of interest
  • Limited number (4) of counterparties
  • No defined policy guidelines
  • Lack of proper plan and forecasting capabilities
  • Time lag in investments execution
  • Lack of band-width to address regulatory changes
  • No reports and unsatisfactory fund review
Policy Set-up
  • Defined and refined investment objectives
  • Steered Funds away from credit risk
  • Institutionalized decision making
Investment Strategies
  • Yield enhancing measures
  • Planned investments with objective of investing in higher yields
Process Enhancements
  • Timely investments and utilization of Funds
  • Minimized idle cash
  • Enhanced interest accrual leading to improving returns
Fund Review
  • Superior controls and better monitoring