Investment Consulting

Pension, Superannuation, Gratuity, Endowment Trust Funds and other Institutional funds have the option to outsource fund management to IRDA recognized life insurance companies and other types of fund managers respectively. In a complex environment of multiple fund managers/ insurers and varied products, our investment consulting services provide trustees and fiduciaries inputs while making choices. These services can also be provided for implementation of National Pension System (NPS).

Enhanced focus on governance and increased complexity in investments necessitate the need for constant monitoring of investment portfolios of funds. Coupled with these are reports that are consistent to guidelines. We provide tailor-made reporting services with focus on post-deal execution phase and improve the portfolio hygiene.


Analysing product fitment

Analysing the fitment of the fund manager’s products to the governance structure of a proposed scheme

Asset allocation advisory

Advising trustees on appropriate mix of various asset classes consistent with investment regulation, investment objectives and overall investment philosophy

Fund allocation advisory

Advising trustees on fund deployment with Insurers / Fund Managers and to optimise portfolio performance

Setup of Investment policy document for Trusts

Defining roles & responsibilities of stakeholders, investment objectives and guidelines for investments & risk management

Insurer / Fund manager selection

Preparing and rolling out RFP document to insurers / fund managers to collate information on products, servicing capabilities, investment performance and fund management structure etc.

Performance monitoring

Computing return and risk-adjusted performance of the overall fund, performance evaluation vis-à-vis benchmarks and peers


Construct a model that will mimic functioning of a typical portfolio of an institutional fund, imputing aspects such as portfolio composition, credit quality constraints and restrictions imposed by the investment regulation

Customised Investment reports for Endowment and other Institutional funds

Fund analytics using the proprietary software tool and other reports as required by stakeholders to improve reporting hygiene

Evaluation of historical returns

Independent evaluation of investment performance of products offered by Insurers/ Fund Mangers

Case Study


IT and IT services company


Investment Consulting


The company had gratuity and superannuation trusts that were internally managed. Trustees were making investment decisions. This was against global pension guidelines of the client

Scope of work
  • Whitepaper on insurer managed gratuity and superannuation funds
  • Roll out of RFP to the insurers
  • Evaluation of products, funds, services of insurers and fit to client requirements
  • Recommendation to client on insurer
  • Asset allocation study for defined benefit plan
  • Design of asset allocation model for defined contribution plan
  • Migration support
  • Employee communication
  • On-going performance monitoring, rebalancing monitoring and transaction support
  • Client had a large fund with complex reporting requirements
  • Evolving regulation among insurers made product design unstable
  • Divergent requirements from multiple stakeholders on the client side
  • Data insufficiencies
Value additions
  • India Life Capital was able to execute this project over a period of 12 months
  • The outcome of the assignment was the shift of the Trusts of the client from a self-managed model to an insurer managed one
  • A governance structure for investments was designed and implemented by us
  • Outcomes of a best of breed fund invested with the most competent fund managers
  • Enhanced governance and Trustee reporting
  • Greater controls
  • Redefined Trustee roles to one of oversight instead of execution
  • Increase in long term returns resulting in savings in funding