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An Unkind Cut For Idle EPF A/c Holders

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Tue, Dec 27 2016. 05 24 PM
Goodbye 2016, hello 2017

For long, cynics like yours truly thought of the employee as indifferent to pension policy.
These episodes made us see things differently

Thu, Nov 24 2016. 04 08 PM
Equity investing: An inflexion point for EPFO

If you run a pension fund in India for a population whose average age is around 30, you have to think long term and cannot ignore equities

Mon, Oct 10 2016. 04 21 PM
Changing role of the employer in pensions

Factors such as increased employee attrition, the cost to company concept, employee awareness and inflation have meant that employees’ outlook towards the EPF has

Mon, Sep 12 2016. 04 36 PM
Governance: an area of deficit in pensions

Pensions are no longer edifices of labour laws. They work at the intersection of multiple and often conflicting laws: financial, Trust, tax and labour. All this needs fiduciary

Mon, May 09 2016. 12 15 AM
Designing an efficient pensioned society

Just 6% of the country’s workforce works in the formal sector. Penetration of pensions in this sector is high due to the obsession with compliance. The move to a pensioned formal sector will have to mean more than compliance