What sets us apart
Ethics & Governance

Not into broking or distribution of financial products since inception. Absence of conflict of interest due to a transparent fee based model. We are SEBI certified Investment Advisor, under the SEBI Investment Advisor Regulation, 2013. This regulation prohibits us from making money through commission, distribution and buy-sell spread.

Our investment philosophy

Safety & Preservation of Capital, Optimization of Fund Returns and Focus on Investment Compliance

Successful track record

Managing long term pension and provident fund assets for over fifteen years, with advisory assets in excess of INR 27,500 Crores for more than 150 retirement trust funds and other institutional funds across India

Investment services to long term funds core business
  • Better understanding of asset & liability sides of retirement trust funds and other institutional funds
  • Better understanding of the market
  • Use a proprietary software (Fund Cal) for fund analytics and record maintenance
Economies of scale
  • Are able to pool-in investment surplus of multiple trusts while closing deals
  • Monthly investments of approximately INR 400 Crores
  • Price improvement gets passed on to the trusts, through reduction in prices
  • Enable trust funds to get access to institutional counterparties
  • Have access to a wider range of instruments
Focused research
  • Models for asset allocation
  • Models for tracking performance
  • Framework for security selection
  • Framework for asset allocation
  • Framework for attribution reporting
Investment + capabilities
  • Have developed a deep understanding of the subject matter and can also provide support on Regulatory matters of retiral trust funds
  • Large list of reference-able clients
  • Are able to reach out to media / regulators / industry bodies on matters related to retirement trust funds
  • Track-record of investment performance and compliance
  • Stable team
  • Work with retiral funds and other institutional funds across industries and organizations with varying levels of complexities and governance structures